Saturday, March 10, 2012


Hi, hello! How are you? 

Me? I've been good. Here are bits and bites of my past week, as well as of my current thought process.
  • Been mulling over The Almost Foodie - where it's going, what I'm doing, etc.
  • Did you know that I used to really rock graphic design?
  • But the normal side of me said, "No, no, be normal. Go to college. Major in something serious/real/etc."
  • Whoops. Definitely did not major in anything serious/real/etc.
  • But loved, loved, loved my time at UCLA. GO BRUINS.
  • Now if only I knew where I was off to next...
Okay, so maybe I'm a little nutty at the moment, but truthfully, I don't know where this blog's going to go (hence, the lack of posts). Heck, I don't know where I'm going to go.

Any advice? A message to God, universe, strangers on the street and Internet: Feeling like a lost soul at the moment.


  1. man, that food looks great! vegetable benedict? I've never heard of it, but I like the idea! as for your blog - my advice would be to just ride it out. post what and when you feel like posting, and do it for yourself. :)

  2. Keep doing your thing on TAF as long as no inspiration is hitting you hard to change things up. I think you're/the blog is doing great as it is. As for life, I'd say you're making all the right moves to get to a good spot wherever that may be, given what you have currently to work with. So yep, ride it out. :)

  3. the great thing about being a blogger is that there really are no rules. you're your own boss and if you feel like changin it up then go for it! you can write your own path to happiness. x

  4. Mmm...

    "Not everyone who wanders is lost." (Tolkien)