Monday, March 5, 2012


Remember my foodie resolutions? Oh yea, I've been keeping up with those!

So here's my update on #5 -- Visit a coffee shop in FIVE different cities. In one weekend, E. and I managed to hit up two new-to-us coffee shops.

You think that's too much coffee? It probably is, but we're addicts (kind of). We can go through two or three cups a morning. No joke, and we like our coffee black as night, no cream, no sugar.

So for us, a coffee excursion is a ton, a ton of fun - and two in one weekend? Glorious! (We also visited Mezze, but that's definitely another post.) So what'd we think of these two places?

We headed to Coffee Tomo on a beautiful, bright Friday afternoon. The space was pretty small, and there were quite a lot of people inside. Luckily, we snagged a table and got two cappucinos.

Delicious, I tell you! The coffee kick was evident, as Coffee Tomo blends its coffees (a light roast, a medium roast and a dark roast) together to get a delicious cup of joe. We definitely felt it!

The following week, we would return to try an americano (which definitely exploded with coffee kick, so drink it when you need that boost), a sweet potato latte (which is a totally non-coffee drink and was perfectly velvety but not too sweet), a pumpkin latte (which was similar to the sweet potato latte but lacked a true pumpkin-y taste) and a cheese tomo (a flatbread-like pastry with tons of cheese melted on top of it). All of it was totally nom-noms.

I would definitely go here again, but only to hang with friends and not to study (as some people were doing).
Coffee Tomo (4 / 5)
11309 Mississippi Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90025

(310) 444-9390

But honestly, Funnel Mill captured my heart. Step inside to a very spacious coffee shop, equipped with outlets and lighting for all my studying needs.

The place had a ton of different coffees and teas, including an $80 coffee. E. and I kept it simple. We went for a dark chocolate truffle coffee, straight up, black, no cream, no sugar. The coffee was definitely not a super dark roast, but oh the finish on it! The aftertaste was definitely that of a pretty good dark chocolate.

I also loved that the teas were produced seasonally. I'm sure that various customers were upset that jasmine tea wasn't readily available, but the staff provided customers with samples of similar teas and were all-around knowledgeable and nice.

Funnel Mill Rare (4.5 / 5)
930 Broadway
Santa Monica, CA 90401

(310) 393-1617


  1. Coffee is the best..what a great challenge!

  2. Can this coffee shop hopping be kept up over the next few months please? I've been suffering from Mediocre Coffee Syndrome. Blehgh.