Friday, October 26, 2012


Currently getting a much needed vacation in the Bay! Loving that I get to reset and restart in a really gorgeous, lovely area.

The only bummer? I grabbed some food at Mitsuwa, thinking that it'd be light and easy on my tummy. It wasn't. 

Instead, it made me miss last week's little trip to Little Tokyo with my fellow grad students. After our bowls of ramen at Men Oh, we went on a little foodie adventure!

I didn't grab any nom-noms at Cafe Dulce, but they looked absolutely delicious! Some of the fun items? Fruity (and Cocoa!) Pebbles donut holes (for only a dollar)! As well as green tea and bacon donuts.

Cafe Dulce
134 Japanese Village Plaza
Los Angeles, CA, 90012

Then afterwards, we really got our nom-noms on for mochi. There were regular ice cream ones, and then gelato ones, in all sorts of different flavors. There was definitely no sharing! We all got our own... And we definitely tried to stop at just one... But all of us ended up getting at least two! From what I hear, definitely give the "weird" flavors a try. One of my friends really liked the guava one.

I ended up going pretty normal, getting a kona coffee-flavored ice cream one, and a chocolate hazelnut gelato one. So delicious! Had to stop myself from getting a third. These were definitely not the kind that you can pick up from the grocery store!

Oh, and if you wanted other sweets, this shop definitely had it! We spied green tea Kit Kats on a shelf.

118 Japanese Village Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90012

And finally to cap the night off, we grabbed boba and milk teas at Ozero. We didn't grab any of the desserts, but my drink - a rose milk tea, no boba (since I was super de duper full) - was pretty delish. I was a little nervous that the tea would be diluted, since it seemed like they had already pre-mixed the milk and tea, but the black tea definitely still shone through the drink.

Great way to end the night, as we ended up chilling on the patio, sipping away at our drinks and chatting. The area was super clean, and service was superb. One of the guys actually ran our drinks out to us!

Ozero Tea & Desserts
131 Central Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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