Friday, December 23, 2011


[ image originally from Pottery Barn, edited by me ]

I promise a happier post tomorrow, but I was working on applications for grad school and needed some inspiration/some reminders of what I want to do - and I want to share this: Thick Dumpling Skin.

Now I can talk for a while about how eating disorders affect not only white teenage girls, but also grown adults, men, people of all skin colors. Honestly, though? I just want you to keep your holidays fat-free.

Think that it's not an issue? I have never seen a three-digit number on the scale, and I've still heard the offhand comment from distant relatives and family members that I'm fat. "Mập mặt," or "Fat face" in English, they'll tell me and then squeeze my cheeks.

I'm sure that I'll hear it again, as we trek to all our relatives' houses for Christmas, and I know that they mean well, that they really mean nothing by it - but please, I ask of you, try not to make such careless comments. Try to keep the talk fat-free.

And if you really are concerned about another person's weight, please actually talk to them. Don't try to get the message across in side comments and little hints. If it's a serious issue, then make it a serious talk.

Thank you. Now go eat (healthy), drink (responsibly) and be merry!

(Again, happier post tomorrow, I promise.)

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