Saturday, December 31, 2011


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There are resolutions - and then there are foodie resolutions. 

Here are twelve for 2012 (and yes, I smuggled the numbers in):
  • Have ONE glass of water every morning.
    It's supposed to be good for you!
  • Cook TWO meals a week.
    I can't promise you two recipes a week, and I suspect that a lot of these meals will be salads and toast - but hey, a girl can try!
  • Run THREE miles straight.
    That's a little less than a perimeter around my college campus. So far, I can run the uphills, and walk the downhills, so I think that I can run the entire thing before the year's over.
  • Save at least FOUR percent of my paychecks.
    How else am I supposed to pay for my foodie-ness?
  • Visit a coffee shop in FIVE different cities.
    Thankfully, LA is less like a city and more like a bunch of little cities.
  • Eat food from SIX different cultures.
    This means visits to Little Ethiopia, Chinatown, Little Tokyo, as well as some sketchier parts of town. 
  • Floss SEVEN times a week.
    Don't want to lose all my teeth and not be able to eat solid foods!
  • Cook EIGHT different proteins.
    This includes meats and fish, but not tofu. I cook way too much tofu for myself as it is.
  • Illustrate NINE foods.
    Because this blog is supposed to be my creative outlet.
  • Do TEN sets of TEN push-ups by the end of the year. If I'm going to be eating this much, I better be working out too. Gotta stay healthy! (So I can eat more!)
  • Try ELEVEN different restaurants.
    Maybe I ran out of solid resolutions... Although this one isn't half bad.
  • Make TWELVE cookie recipes.
    It really was getting hard to come up with stuff towards the end!
 (Oh, and in case you were wondering, my resolution this year is to explore as much as I can. I'm young, I'm free, and I'm able to do anything and everything.)

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  1. I love your resolutions! Count me in for running three miles straight, right now I'm in between walking and jogging so hopefully over the next twelve months I'll be jogging without panting! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. xx