Thursday, December 1, 2011


 (photo by me)
Santa's come early!

Inspired by root beer samplers and advent calendars, I put together a beer advent calendar for Evan who loves, loves, loves Christmas - almost as much as he loves beer.  Sure, it's not the prettiest thing in the world, but boy, his face lit up when I first spilled the beans about his present.  TWENTY-FIVE BOTTLES OF BEER? 

When Santa delivered his gift yesterday, Evan looked even more excited, as he pulled the bottles out and realized that they were almost all handcrafted beers.

I definitely wish that I could have made it look prettier, but what can you do when you've got finals, and you have to hide your present?  Thankfully, Bevmo had festive enough crates that I didn't feel too, too terrible.

Btdubs, a tip for those trying to do this on the cheap: don't buy individual bottles.  The Samuel Adams Winter Collection had five different beers (okay, technically six, but who drinks Boston Lager?), and Bevmo had put together some gift sets.  That got me close enough to twenty-five, and then I just picked up a few extra individual bottles to make it extra special.

Now to drink it all!  (Because now I've got beer in my fridge, pantry, room and back-up fridge... as well as in my boyfriend's place.)

(Also, as you can see from my inspiration: alcohol is totally not necessary.  Enjoy this gift with root beers, sodas, and even juices! )

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