Wednesday, November 14, 2012


In honor of U Mini opening in Westwood today, a review of a totally different burger chain -- Rounds... Or basically a review of the one burger place that I snapped photos of in my foodie adventures (so far). 

Because I definitely also had the original Umami burger at Umami for the first time (a month ago) and a #3 at 25 Degrees, the burger joint in the Roosevelt Hotel (a week ago). I also really wanted to grab Hole in the Wall last night, since the rumor mill's been churning that the Santa Monica location is about to close down.

My thoughts on the burger? Rich, so incredibly dense and good and cheesy. Even cold (because these were delivered to me by a good friend when I was dealing with the world's weirdest health issue), the burger and fries were absolutely delicious.

The only downside? A little too rich. I actually did not finish my burger, because it just got to be too much. The bun, the patty, the cheese was all too much. Lettuce, tomatoes, onions would have helped. (They are an option, by the way. My friend just didn't get them.) 

Otherwise, this burger is like Korean BBQ to me. I can really only handle it once every couple of months (but my friend's lucky enough to work across the street from it). 

However, the fries? Bomb. Even better? The different dipping sauces (because I'm a messed up little munchkin who doesn't like ketchup). I could not stop soaking my fries in all the different sauces that we got, so my friend, if you invite me over to WeHo for lunch, I would definitely be down for fries, lots and lots of fries with awesome-sauce dipping sauces.

Oh, and not near WeHo? Rounds has got a truck! (And the site says that they're opening up a few more places.)

Rounds Premium Burgers
8871 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 855-1004

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