Friday, November 9, 2012


How do you measure a life? In Trader Joe bags.

Especially useful when you're a tiny little Asian girl, and you've got two days to move out and move into your new place (because life looked at your planner and laughed).

But many, many, many Trader Joe bags later (and my roommate cooking me bombass barbecue beer chicken one night), I am finally all unpacked and able to cook! So what do I try? 

The recipe originally comes from White on Rice Couple, a blog I love and adore. I didn't really try to make it my own, besides going lighter on the fish sauce and heavier on the sriracha (which was also not homemade).

Overall review? Easy, simple recipe that could definitely be adapted and dressed up... And I really did prefer it with the one tablespoon of fish sauce instead of recommended two. As Asian as I am, the fishiness of fish sauce bothers me too much.

Oh, and what you may not see in the pictures? I tasted my spaghetti squash straight up after it came out of the oven. Season the spaghetti squash up a bit then. A dash of salt and pepper brought out more of the spaghetti squash's flavor.

Some thoughts for next time: Adding in other vegetables (my candidates: zucchini, carrots) perhaps? Brightening it up with some lime juice at the end?

Original recipe: 
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