Monday, February 27, 2012


So a D.C. vs. L.A. comparison for today -- Angelenos, we don't know how to do happy hour like D.C. does.

Getting into D.C. around 9 p.m., I totally thought that we could do food and such. Nope. Shake Shack was literally the only thing open. (And it's good, but not crazy exciting... Also, I forgot to take pics.)

Well, Shake Shack and the bars... Oh my goodness, bar hopping in D.C. was so easy and fun! We hit up a number of places, including the Mad Hatter and Mighty Pint.  All of it though was within walking distance! All of it was packed! And deals! Whew, literally every place had a different "happy hour" special. 

And I guess that that's the vibe of D.C. It's not so much about who you know, but who you meet. It matters what you do to make opportunities happen, such as going out to bars and networking. 

L.A.'s a different breed - and I don't know what's better, or where I would want to be quite yet. D.C. was a great adventure though!

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  1. L.A. vs. D.C. is a tough one, but we can at least be certain that the artwork on this post is creatively adorable (or adorably creative). Well-done. :)