Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Getting through Monday was a toughie with the Brentwood Farmers' Market still on my mind.

My mind keeps drifting to how homey that market felt, and obviously to how I wished I had these vintage-y, farm-y items! Don't these items remind you of farms and markets?

But onto my review of the Brentwood Farmers' Market! It was quaint and homey, but not so small like my usual farmers' markets in Orange County and in Santa Monica*. There were tons of stands to select from, a bit of bargaining and haggling to do, as well as food trucks to grab snacks from. E and I even found the pupusa stand that had been at the farmers' market near UCLA's baseball field!

Unfortunately, E and I had ran / biked over there, so we skipped out on the prepared foods, but that didn't mean we didn't escape! My kitchen's filled to the brim now with heirloom tomatoes, heirloom carrots and a huge head of cauliflower, as well as other essentials in my kitchen (arugula, onions, etc). We even picked up a package of fresh mozzarella cheese balls, but the whole package ended up in our Sunday night dinner -- a chopped Romaine salad with salami, mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes and a balsamic vinaigrette. Yum, yum.

And let's be honest here -- what I loved most was the selection. For example, E and I found a ton, a ton of pita bread and hummus stands. We really could've bought ourselves treats from any of them, but one guy offered us three containers of anything for $10, with horseradish hummus and fresh pita bread thrown in. Sold! Sitting in my fridge now are two containers of hummus and a Greek side salad, as well as mozzarella cheese balls in my tummy and whole wheat pita bread on my counter.

Basically, this week's going to be delicious.

Brentwood Village Farmers' Market
741 Gretna Green Way
Los Angeles, CA 90049

* You say that a small farmers' market doesn't exist in Santa Monica? Head to Virginia Avenue Park Saturday mornings, and pick up a loaf of wonderful hazelnut cranberry bread, as well as your basic necessities. I'm also a fan of this market, because while Gloria's stand sells quality produce for half the price, there's also a stand run by Asian-American farmers, so I can pick up the veggies of my childhood (whose names I don't know in English)!


  1. A special thank you to the Brentwood Farmer's Market, TAF herself, and TAF's bicycle basket for bringing a happy weekend/week of delicious goodies to the apartment.

  2. i only really have time to cook on the weekends so it's so refreshing to hit a farmer's market for weekend groceries saturday morning! love that sweet bicycle too