Thursday, April 26, 2012


[ image originally from my new roots ]

When I started working, I feared for my diet. I definitely thought that it'd be difficult to prep a lunch for myself every day, that I'd wind up eating in the dorms with E. (since he's an R.A.) and so on.

Weirdly enough, though -- that hasn't been the situation.
Now it might be the number of potlucks that I've hosted since my balcony's lovely, and the weather's lovely (see here) -- but I've worked for two weeks, I've packed a lunch every day and I've only eaten out when for some reason or another, my company provides lunch (grand total: 3 times). Even for dinner, E and I have actually not gone out to eat in a while...

And that brings me to My New Roots, a fresh foodie find.

It's been my inspiration, as I head out to the farmers' market and dream of new dishes to cook up. Sarah makes eating healthy easy. Her recipes are simple but delicious and incredibly, incredibly colorful for "green" foods. 

Now if only I could break my pasta habit... 

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