Saturday, April 28, 2012


[ latte bowls from anthropologie ]

  • week 2 of work? done!
  • and I've been a UCLA alumna for FIVE weeks now? how did that happen?
  • someone counted. UCLA's class of 2012 is less than 50 days away from walking.
  • tick tock.
  • time to bond with friends over food and wine.
    • aka potlucks with fertilized duck eggs, chocolate covered strawberries, tri-tip, and other fancy things college students shouldn't know how to make.
  • time to grow out of the college apartment.
    • aka time to buy a coffee table (funny story), a bookcase (awesome story), and some beautiful bowls from Anthropologie.
  • time to love, love, love every last bit of being a UCLA college student.
    • even if it means waking up at 8am on a saturday morning to hit the gym, and then taking a bus to marina del rey to kayak for $5.
  • had we but world enough, and time - andrew marvel, "to his coy mistress"

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  1. Love those bowls, LOVE THIS GRAPHIC! So happy!