Thursday, January 26, 2012


Have you seen the ads for the Jumbaco? Jack-in-the-Box's Jumbo Jack and two tacos deal? Have you tried it?

I have, and I didn't even have the whole thing. I took a bite of Evan's Jumbaco! It is so much food - and thus such a steal, but thus really, really unhealthy. (Luckily, for you, there's not a soapbox in sight.)

So instead of getting a Jumbaco again on Monday night, Evan and I went out in search of a better taco. We found El Paladar Oaxaqueno, supposedly the best taco truck on the Westside (source).

Definitely one of the best. When Evan had to order (because I don't know a word in Spanish), I started getting really hungry. When the man next to us practically inhaled his taco after slathering on salsa rojas, I started salivating. And when our cashier told us that our order of two tacos and a burrito would only be $7.50, my mouth dropped wide open for all the food to come.

Oh boy, those tacos ($1.25 each) were good. I had a taco barbacoa, and a taco cabeza*. Especially the barbacoa, which reminded me of the ever so tender beef pieces in bún bò huế. That didn't need the salsa rojas, but I like my food with a good strong kick. The salsa rojas was slathered onto the cabeza, though. It tasted bland and was a bit chewier. I think that I should have gone with a meat that I knew. (Yes, I was being adventurous.)

Thankfully, Evan's burrito pollo ($5) was amazing. While the chicken was pretty damn good, you know what my favorite part was? The refried beans. I loathe refried beans, but oh man, these were good. Just smooth and salty and filling.

And again, the best part of this experience? $7.50 for all that food. I'm going back, especially when the quesillo taco ($2) looks like sheer heavenly nom-noms.

El Paladar Oaxaqueno (4/5)
Barry Ave. and Santa Monica Blvd. (after 8p.m.)
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Oh, and if you think that I'm going to be satisfied with just this taco truck, think again.

*Yes, it's misspelled in the photo. I didn't know until a quick bit of research after making the photo. Maybe I'll fix it one day, but it is past midnight, and I am an old lady, not a spunky college girl. Cabeza, by the way, is meat from the roasted head of a cow. Delicious, right?


  1. I haven't had tacos for a while now, hmm, maybe this weekend although we don't have Jumbaco here!

  2. Nice post, I'm salivating...Anyway, if Jack-in-the-Box attached "cabeza" to the name of one of their taco dishes (and let everyone know what that suggested), they wouldn't get any business. Instead they come up with "Jumbaco."
    Long live authentic!

  3. Wow, you have to love a feed thats only $7.50 & truly scrumptious!
    Feeling some taco inspiration coming on!

  4. perhaps it's not the healthiest, but usually that means it's very tasty! ha